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Tips for your road trips by Destino Rentals

If you decide to experience the lovely region of Puerto Vallarta & Riviera Nayarit at your ease, renting a car is definitely a must. Having the freedom of a rental car is a wonderful way to explore this area, but there are some very important things that you should be aware of:


1) Mexican Liability Insurance


This is mandatory and you better make sure you get it, otherwise, in case of an accident your dream vacation may turn into a tropical nightmare. If you rent through Destino Rentals just ask about our options.


2) Driver’s License


It may sound obvious but so many people just forget to bring their driver’s license, just make sure it’s valid and you’ll be ready to hit the Mexican road.


3) No expectations


As a North American driver, you’re accustomed to roads packed with signs, strict right-of-way laws, and traffic signals. But traffic regulations aren’t always enforced in Mexico, which leads some drivers to ignore them altogether. Don’t take another driver’s behavior for granted, make sure you’re clear before driving through an intersection.


Be aware of different road elements, road conditions in Mexico can be jarring for first-time drivers. Here are some things to look out for:


Topes: These Mexican speed bumps can sneak up on you. They’re not always marked with yellow paint and there may not be warning signs, which can make them nearly invisible to the untrained tourist’s eye.

Captura de pantalla 2017-07-07 a la(s) 1.50.23 p.m.

Photo via lindseyw on Flickr.


Potholes: Many Mexican roads aren’t government-regulated, and abnormally large potholes have been an issue for years. Some are big enough to fit half a car or trap a small bus.

Captura de pantalla 2017-07-07 a la(s) 1.56.31 p.m.

Photo via Asociación de Vecinos de Aluche on Flickr.

Left-hand highway exits: Instead of using exit ramps and overpasses to get to the opposite side of the freeway, Mexico often uses the “Retorno” system. These are “pause” areas in which you can safely make your U-turn just past your intended exit.

Vista Plaza Galerías
Photo via Mediakit.

Apart from these Mexican singularities, always keep in mind regular recommendations such as: Avoid drinking and driving, stick to speed limits and stay alert to thieves.


In Destino Vacation Rentals, we have the best and safest options so you can live up the magic of Mexican roads.

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