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Five Romantic Activities for couples in Riviera Nayarit & Puerto Vallarta

Every time you come down to the Riviera Nayarit, do you feel a romantic atmosphere in the air and don’t know why? Check out these and many other activities that have consolidated Banderas Bay as one of the best destinations to enjoy accompanied by the love of your life.

  1. Promenade through the Boardwalk (Malecon)

If you come for your honeymoon, we recommend start touring along the Boardwalk, as you will discover together the unique atmosphere of our town, including snacks, shopping and some of the best restaurants overlooking the bay.

Photo via Puerto Vallarta Mediakit.

  1. Walking on Bucerias beach 

Nothing like walking hand in hand with that special person, recreating the classic end of any romantic movie and feeling the seafoam in your feet, then look back and see your footsteps together forever.

Photo via M & D on Instagram.

  1. Dinner for two at sunset

The candlelight, your best outfits, an exquisite dish, the soothing sound of the waves and sunset colors will create the perfect environment to celebrate an anniversary or perhaps make the big proposal.

Photo via Romantic dinner on Flickr.

  1. Romantic Escape to Yelapa

Have you ever dreamed you’re on a desert island with just your beloved one? Yelapa is not really an island, but provides all the elements that make you feel that there is nobody else than you both in this remote paradise beach. Perfect occasion for a boat ride!

Photo via Fay Elizabeth on Instagram.

  1. The magic of San Sebastian del Oeste

This place is romantic by nature, forest climate, low clouds, the smell of coffee, the excellent range of boutique hotels and gourmet restaurants invite you to explore this beautiful magical town in the mountains. Explore it at your ease, check out our car rental options!

Photo via Michael Anderson on Instagram.

  1. Only for intense lovers

No doubt there are many cases of extreme love, and for them Puerto Vallarta & Riviera Nayarit have the best views to be appreciated before skydiving, dare to feel the adrenaline of throwing yourself into the void held tight by your partner’s hand.

Photo via Eduardo Baeza on Flickr.

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